Review: Stargazing for Beginners by Jenny McLachlan

I received this book for free from Bloomsbury and in return I give my utmost honest review. Disclaimer, this in no way effects my opinions and views on the book or how I write my review.

Book: Stargazing for Beginners, Jenny McLachlan
Publication Date: June 2017
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 330
Format: Uncorrected Proof- ARC
Source: Bloomsbury Australia

Science geek Meg is left to look after her little sister for ten days after her free-spirited mum leaves suddenly to follow up yet another of her Big Important Causes. But while Meg may understand how the universe was formed, baby Elsa is a complete mystery to her.

And Mum’s disappearance has come at the worst time: Meg is desperate to win a competition to get the chance to visit NASA headquarters, but to do this she has to beat close rival Ed. Can Meg pull off this double life of caring for Elsa and following her own dreams? She’ll need a miracle of cosmic proportions …

Fans fell in love with the warmth, wit, romance and fierce friendships in Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb, Sunkissed and Star Struck, and Stargazing for Beginners has all that and galaxies more. This is the best kind of real-life fiction – with big themes and irresistible characters, it goes straight to your heart.

So I’d like to start off saying a big thanks to Bloomsbury Australia for sending me a review copy of this book. I absolutely love space so it’s a perfect fit!

Okay so, the cover was awesome. The colour purple just blended so well with the blue to create an effortless sky/space theme. The simplicity of it was very nice matched with the typography used for the title and the little heart was super adorable. It really outlined Meg as a person, her personality was shown in a few simple colours and dots and it shows her dedication and how crazy in love she is with anything beyond earth. It looks like what I expected Elsa to see when they went walking at night.

Megara Clark is a very defined person and is really out there with out meaning it. Her vision of the world was spectacular and really enlightening. I feel as though I could really connect with her as a socially awkward person, and her sense of individuality was very inspiring. The other characters were awesome too. Annie’s eccentric character was a real spotlight in the book as you weren’t sure what was going to happen next and she added a sense of thrill and excitement to the plot. Ed was very cute and I like how he didn’t always go with the norm, such as his friends. But the one thing I truly disliked was Megs mum. I know she’s a “kind” soul to so many people that needed her whenever she left the girls but in reality she needed to be there for Meg and Elsa, she was very selfish and that really annoyed me.

Now onto the plot…I’ll be honest and say that the beginning was quite slow, it was easy to get into, but just slow in the way the events were planned. Rather than it just being another cliche teen book, Jenny added a sense of realism when she added all the facts about space, it gave me a sense of sophistication without it being overwhelming. It had a little bit of a stereotypical high school feel at some points and it had some cliché references in the plot but overall it was super cute and unique from other contemporaries which I really liked. I totally recommend this book and its a book I would have bought had it not be sent to me. It is an easy read and has a fluttery feeling once you’ve finished. I give it an overall score of 7/10.

Once again I’ll thank Bloomsbury for sending me this review copy and a thanks to Jenny for creating such a cute, quick read.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review! @slothreading