Review: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

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Publication Date: 6 March 2018

Genre: Fantasy

Hey guys, I’m finally posting another review, it takes me a while to get motivation. But anyway, I am doing a review on Children of Blood and Bone and let me tell you, i LOVED this book although I felt a bit disconnected from it to begin with, I totally ended up loving it and wish CoVaV was coming out sooner (I can’t last until next March?? What were you thinking Tomi??)

Sorry for rambling, lets get straight into it!


  • i absolutely loved the characters! Their emotions leaked through perfectly, captivating me as a reader and they totally made my connection to the book and story run deeper
  • The way Tomi described the settlements and landscape seemed really beautiful to me. I always enjoy reading when I can imagine the beauty of the world straight away. It made me feel like I knew what each place would look AND feel like and I loved it
  • The diversity and individuality of each character made it seem realistic in a way and made me much more interested to see how things would turn out. I also loved the mixture of personalities as it’s always so funny to see polar opposites communicate with each other (especially when there is sassy comments being made)
  • Although the start kind of felt a bit slow (maybe I was in a slump??), it picked up really quickly and left me dangling with each turn of the page, especially the last page IT COMPLETELY KILLED ME AAHH
  • The different powers each Maji could wield was created so perfectly and was really interesting and it definitely peaked my interest as I love anything with MAGIC


  • The deaths of some characters made my heart rip out and it left me nearly in tears at some points – WHY DO AUTHORS KILL ME LIKE THIS
  • One character really annoyed me with their changing attitudes and beliefs, like c’mon man PICK A SIDE
  • THE CLIFFHANGER ON THE LAST PAGE RIPPED ME TO THREADS – fun story: I actually finished this book in class and threw it on my desk and screamed at my friend “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS, WHY?? I NEED THE OTHER BOOK” then we both searched when CoVaV comes out and I nearly cried when it said March 2019 so yeah – I loved it a lot
  • One thing i really like seeing in books is the creatures which inhabit the world, so I would’ve liked to see a few more other than fish and the ryders but i still loved it anyway so that’s just a minor thing and will hopefully be amended in the second book!

Just because the ending killed me so badly I’d have to give it a 4.5/5 star rating, when I get the second book maybe it’ll change to a 5, I guess we’ll just have to see.

Well there is my review! I hoped you enjoyed this and it fueled your need to buy and rEaD this beauty!! I totally recommend (like 110% recommend)

Thankyou! Tag your review (non-spoiler of course) in the comments so people find all the more reason to read it!


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